Successful branding tells your audience: who you are, what you believe in and what makes you different, in return this builds trust and loyalty.

We’re passionate about creating captivating designs and expressing what makes your brand special – a combination which enchants your audience and turns them into your customers. Just like magic.

Handcrafted Logo

Handcrafted Logo is for businesses who want to capture what makes them special with a professional, unique logo. First we arrange a personal consultation, so we can get a clear picture of who you are and who you’re trying to appeal to. After hours of research, sketching and mouse clicking later we select and present 2 finished concepts to you. Once you made your choice of logo we make any amendments you desire and present you the final logo in 2-3 versions so that your logo works in every context. Amendments are unlimited because your logo is important and we want you to love it!

As a bonus we also throw in a couple of social media tile designs you can use as your social account profile image so your branding looks great everywhere.

2 Concepts
2-3 Logo Versions
Unlimited Amendments
Free Social Media Tiles

Magical Branding

This package includes the Handcrafted Logo and the essential brand style sheet which will serve as your handbook to creating a consistent look and capturing the feel of your brand through carefully chosen typography, colour palette with Primary and Secondary colours (codes are included so you can easily apply your exact colours across your website and print) and supportive pattern / graphics.

With this package you will be recognised instantly and grow trust and loyalty from your customers.

Handcrafted logo
Colour Pallete
Custom Graphics

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